Martinez Architects Pursues City of Houston M/W/DBE Certification

As Martinez Architects establishes its’ reputation as a leading architectural firm in the Houston area, we are encouraged by our great city’s leadership.  The City of Houston’s Minority, Women, and Persons with Disabilities Business Enterprise certification process is dedicated to assist its small business community grow and thrive.  It is this model that continues to boast our nations dependency on small businesses and their impact on the local workforce, overall position on local and regional economies and cultural diversity.

Small businesses drive economic growth – small businesses are positioned to have the greatest impact on local and regional economies.  More than half of private sector jobs are held and provided by small businesses.  Therefore, with the assistance of the City of Houston’s efforts, small businesses are afforded opportunities to access goal oriented contracts, resources to connect and/or partner with established organizations and business development tools giving them the ability to grow our local and regional economy.  Martinez Architects has set its goal on successfully adding to our city’s success as one of the nations most rapidly growing and prosperous cities!