Culture – fostering collaboration with relevant governing agencies, industry experts and community interests to developing a sense of ownership. We must examine ways to enhance our cultural identity and sense of place through heritage, shared spaces, public displays of art, social capital, educational opportunities and public policies in ways that promote environmental, economic and social sustainability. As the concepts of sustainability evolve, cultural links to environmental challenges will continue to respond….and Martinez Architects is working at bridging that cultural link.

Nature – promoting responsible stewardship of natural resources within our approach to designing is critical to protecting our natural capital. As supporters and contributors to the Architecture 2030 Challenge, it is vital that professions of the built environment adopt and implement incremental measures to reduce the demands of our natural capital. At Martinez Architects we are taking this Natural Step.

Economy – our design approach always includes several key components to ensure the process is rewarding and feasible. We evaluate building systems and products through the use of Benefit Cost Analysis to ensure we are using best practices incorporated them into our design. Along with a Life Cycle Assessment, we can determine what is right for the vision and goal of our client. Through goals such as Net Zero or Carbon Neutrality, we can further provide valuable cost savings for not only the initial cost of construction but also for the life of the building.

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